Kroger Pay Stub – How to Setup & Check Online

The COVID-19 pandemic is really making life tuff day by day. It has affected not just our lives but also our living.

Some of the services like the Kroger pay stub has been giving urgent priority during the situation and has been providing a safe service for its employees as well as customers. Their best to help people live easy and keep going to life is truly appreciable.

The help is dedicated to eCommerce solutions and efficiency in operating their supply chains. This is helping communities ahead to access fresh and affordable food and essentials. With the Kroger pay stub, it’s the great people. With launching its efforts to make sure that their employees get complete access to the factors like that of pay stubs, employee benefit programs, retirement plans, checking out Kroger eSchedule, and many more.

But it’s important to know that you need to sign in to the and then log in to the Kroger employee login portal when you are an employee using it. For those employed at Kroger are allowed to access each and every piece of information relating to their job. 

Kroger Pay Stub

The word Kroger pay stub might sound bit distinctive for common people. This is really going to bring out a lot of questions in mind which need to be responded here.

What is the Kroger Pay all about?

Making clear about it, this is one of the fastest, safest as well as designed contact free ways to payment gateway and save it using the mobile on any of the participating locations in the Kroger family of companies.

They are going to generate one time QR code that is secure enough in transmitting the payment information from the mobile phone at any checkout. They are even providing with a Kroger pay wallet that is linked to Kroger co family stores with a reward program loyalty account.

This is enabled by automatically accruing loyalty points which are making eligibility to purchase the products using the Kroger pay. 

Where you can use it?

The process is accessible at only the Kroger family of companies across the US in the store locations. The Kroger pay can also be used in the stores at attendant or even at self-checkout lanes, in-store pharmacy check out, and even at liquor locations. The Kroger pay is currently not available for use in any of the pharmacy drive-thru lanes. The Kroger pay stub is not even acceptable at Kroger fuel centers. Even certain outlets or online store merchants cannot be used at the stores outside of Kroger’s family of companies.

How to setup Kroger Pay?

For setting the Kroger pay stub, one needs to have a digital account with one of Kroger’s families of companies.

They can download a Kroger co. family of stores app on any of a Kroger pay- compatible mobile device.

Once it is downloaded, there will option in the “more” menu.

Next, tap the Kroger pay and then log into the existing account.

You will then be prompted to create a four-digit PIN.

Then you will have options to use the biometrics for securing the Kroger pay wallet.

Ensure that the shopping location is selected to your most preferred store which can be easily found on the home page within the app.

Next, the payment card that you have saved to the digital wallet is made available to use within the Kroger pay.

Once you mention the four digits PIN or the scanned biometric process you will get a default card at the bottom of the screen. 


The Kroger pay stub is making a new dimension to make life easy and secure with its product and payment services during the COVID-19 pandemic situation which is really appreciable.

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